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if you are concerned with the Atlanta stations only, you shouldn't need a rotator, however, if you add a rotator, you should also be able to see the Asheville, NC stations, as well.

I would use a Winegard HD-7698P and a preamplifier like a Channel Master Titan 7778 or an AntennaCraft 10G221 high-input preamplifier, and a rotator like a Channel Master 9521a rotator. You'll get plenty of TV reception if you do.

The preamplifier will allow you to power up to 4 TV sets if you use a good 4-way splitter. If you still have some non-digital TV sets, you can buy digital converters to allow those TV sets to see the new digital broadcasts. See the forum on digital tuners and converters for good information about digital tuner choices.

Here is a good installation guide to help you:

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