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Help w/antenna selection in Michigan

Looking to drop DIRECTV once the snow melts on the roof. Trying to figure out what kind of antenna I need to get the best selection of channels. My plan is to hook this up to an HDHomeRun and do some kind of DVR/Live setup (via Mythbuntu or my Plex server) that eventually plays on the Roku 3. Still working on that part of the setup, waiting to see if I can get the channels first.

Here is the TVFool report:

Stations I want to get for sure: WNEM, WSMH, WJRT, WEYI. WCMU would be a bonus. The stations in the northwest direction are optional, I'm guessing a 2nd antenna would be needed to pull these in. Any other stations from Detroit or Lansing are just gravy.

Planning on attaching this to the unused fireplace stack via a 10ft mast, should put it at about 25 feet above the ground. Sky is clear in every direction, except for the trees in the front of the house that block due south, southwest, and west. Luckily it appears no stations I need are in that direction.

It was suggested by someone to get the HDB8X antenna with a pre-amp. Are there better choices?
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