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Unhappy New at this poor reception

Hey, I am very new to the ota world and in need of some help. I'm roughly 40 miles north east of most of the major stations in st. louis. I have a db8 antenna installed in my attic pointed in the direction of the local stations. I got most if not all of them full strength some of the time. It seems my receptions is not very good in the morning and mid afternoon, but after around 5:00 it some times clears right up giving me full bars on my reception. Other times it doesn't work much better after 5. any help on how to improve this as I would like to get ksdk channel 5 on a regular basis for my news source.

Like I said I have a db8 in my attic with a 30db preamp. I have a splitter going to 3 rooms two rooms are only a 20' run, the 3rd room being closer to a 60' run.

tv fool..



antenna box

tv on channel 2 this morning

attic set up

Please let me know if I need any more information.

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