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Help me get yellow/red channels

Hello, I’ve been doing some research and it’s a little confusing, so I come here asking for some advice.

First, let me put you in context: I have a Winegard multi-bay antenna in the attic (facing to the true south) which is connected to my living room TV (for standard viewing) and laptop (for recording).

The exact connection to the tv is as follows: antenna > 4’ coaxial cable > coupler > 50’ coaxial cable > coupler > 8’ coaxial cable > splitter > 3’ coaxial cable. The connection to the laptop is the same but after the splitter there is a 4’ coaxial cable.

The couplers and splitter are of the best quality I could find in my local electronics store (gold).

My TV signal analysis can be found here:

I get all the digital channels in the green background color without a problem. Bad reception artifacts are extremely rare (1 second per month at the most).

On a clear day, I get two of the yellow background color channels: CBS (3.1) and NBC (5.1). On a very clear day, I get the other yellow background color channel: PBS (57.1) and sometimes even one of the red background color channels: ABC (22.1). I never get the red channel Fox (44.1).

So, my goal is to get all yellow channels always and if possible, I would also like to get the two red channels mentioned.

I am planning to buy a pre-amplifier like the CM-7777 and place it as close as possible to the antenna (most probably replacing the first coupler). I will place the power inserter PCT-MPI-1G closer to the tv (right before the splitter).

I have several questions:
  • Is the CM-7777 the best choice for my configuration?
  • If I use the CM-7777 what should I do with the FM trap?
  • Does the CM-7777 has an internal VHF/UHF switch? If so, what to do with it?
  • Should I be worry about overload because of some of the powerful signals I get?
  • Is there a power inserter like the PCT-MPI-1G with two ports? If so, should I use it to replace my current splitter?
  • Are there any other things to consider?

Thank you very much for your help,

Stick da Chalk.

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