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Newbie help- choosing indoor antenna for Olympics??

Hi all. I am brand new to OTA topics but have been reading a lot and learning a lot. My primary motivation is getting TV to watch the Olympics but I'll probably occasionally watch shows afterward. I live in Hampton and have some strong signals fairly close:

I rent a house so would like to place the antenna inside on my TV or nearby. It's an older tube TV so I will also be buying a digital converter. The TV is on an exterior wall on the SW side of the house but no windows are on this wall. The windows face SE.

I see tons of antennas advertised on Amazon ranging from slick flat ones (link) to funky larger ones (link). I have no idea what will actually work so am really looking for any advice. Same for the digital converter if anyone has a recommendation. I would like to spend <$100 if possible. Thanks for any help!

PS- Do I have to buy a digital converter??? I thought everything is broadcast in digital since the switch a couple years ago, but the TV signal results shows analog signals. I'm confused.
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