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DIY vertical M8 10 x 9.5.....I combined the 4 bays on the M8’s 3 different ways, one with dual baluns and a splitter reversed
With the vertical M8 that was not twisted, and fed with dual baluns and a splitter reversed, did you try reversing the 300 ohm wires on ONE of the baluns to see which way was better? When the two M4s are properly phased together you get one main lobe for increased gain. When the two M4s are not properly phased, the main lobe splits in two, with a null between.

When you use the vertical stack of two M4s the vertical beamwidth is greatly reduced; the horizontal about the same as an M4. I have found that is often necessary to tilt even a single M4 for max signal while watching my Sadelco signal level meter.
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