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When I was doing surveillance work in the mid to late 80ís the company I was working for had a combination screen room/SCIF built for my testing. Thatís when I had my own HP 8920ís and 8921ís with spectrum analyzer and tracking generator capabilities. I also had network analyzers, signal & function generators and scopes. Old by todayís standards but I wish I still had access to that equipment. The VP of engineering often encouraged me to bring stuff home for my own projects. Now, I have a 60 MHz scope with a digital readout, a couple of 1 GHz frequency counters, a 40 MHz sweep/function generator and various bench supplies. I do still have a couple of zero centering VTVMís in case I ever need to align an FM discriminator! I guess my prize piece of test equipment is a late 50ís RCA WO91-A Oscilloscope that still works perfectly. I got it almost new but not working when I was 14-15 years old and had it fixed within a couple days. I used it for years with my B&K 415 sweep/marker generator for aligning TV & FM radio IF strips. Unfortunately, I donít have anything for looking at the UHF TV spectrum or evaluating ATSC signal quality other than the software SNR meters that work with my Hauppauge HVR-1800 tuner cards.
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