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Re: Lna-200


I have a large 4 ¾” articulating magnifying glass surrounded by a florescent light. Even with that and a 2 7/8” hand held magnifying glass some of the writing is too small for me to read. A component in this amp marked the same as the components in my AP-2780 & HDP-269 marked with a centered red dot and Brown & Green dots at one end that I couldn’t identify are labeled L15 on this circuit board.

Q1, has N4 written above W36. Q2, the only thing I could read was 4F. Q3 looked like it might say 3L but I couldn’t be sure. My wife’s younger eyes saw the same thing.

D1 is marked A6.
D2 is marked 5D 3.

TZ1-3 are small components about the size of a fly speck! It doesn’t look like they are big enough to write on. TZ1 is by the power in/TV out connector and showed a front-to-back like a diode.
TZ2 is by the antenna connector and TZ3 is by Q2. With my eyes I couldn’t see to get a probe in to take readings on these two.

The pads marked Q4 and Q5 are covered over by solder –no components installed. In addition, they are surrounded by a number of unpopulated pads. Whatever was intended to populate these areas would have been surface mount because there are no thru-holes.
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