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Antenna(s) recommendation, central RI

I'm looking for Antenna recommendations in central Rhode Island.

Out of the list of stations in the report, I'm looking to get Providence local channels (WLNE, WJAR, WPRI, WNAC -- all clustered about 19 miles away at 60-62) and WGBH/WGBX in Boston (44 miles away at 25).

What the report does not show is that there are large oak trees (40-50 ft taller than my house) in that general direction. I have tried room and attic antennas with very limited results (slightly better on a clear winter day with no foliage than on a wet summer day).

I am planning to connect the antenna to my HDHomerun tuner to go to the different TVs, so I won't have to split the signal.

Will a single directional antenna work with a 37 span between the towers or will I need two antennas and a combiner?

I'm comfortable with installation but I have a limited understanding of radio reception.


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