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Originally Posted by jrgagne99 View Post
I've even had "woke" millennials raise an eyebrow because they think I'm stealing the TV service. And they're the ones still on their parent's cell phone and Netflix plans...

Not to defend millennials -- they're always attacking my generation because their life sucks -- but they're too young to remember that OTA used to be the way everybody got TV.

JOE: Bill's game -- internet thing didn't work. They wanted my credit card number, no thanks. Anyway, my very elderly neighbors -- who are NFL fans -- invited me over to see the game (they have cable).

And here we go, yet again: The Rochester stations are going off the air again, tonight at 12:30.

It's beyond being a joke. Having been self-employed since 1985, I cannot understand how a business can survive being as INCOMPETENT as they are. If I'd run my business like the Rochester TV stations are running theirs, I wouldn't have lasted a year.
Everything from the roof down to the TVs was installed new in 2011.
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