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Signal strength vs signal quality

Originally Posted by rabbit73 View Post
Measuring the noise figure of a preamp is not easily done; I don't have the proper equipment .I depend upon the measurements done by Calaveras. The attachment is the result of his preamp measurements.

I can get a rough idea by monitoring the SNR of a weak signal. The preamp that gives the higher SNR of a weak signal should have the lowest NF.

It's an OK preamp, but it isn't as good as their marketing description says it is.
A preamp with a lower NF should make a marginal weak signal a little more reliable. The tests by Calaveras say:
Kitztech KT-200 NF
VHF 0.6 dB
UHF 1.2 dB
Winegard LNA200 NF
VHF 5.7 dB
UHF 3.0 dB
Well, that's quite a big difference (in noise) between those two amps, I might buy the KT 200 just to experiment with.

I do have some issues pulling in some stations. I have to establish a baseline though because I'm looking at these different signal meters at random. I like the signal meter on my Toshiba TVs . They have a couple of different types of information including a graph.

I don't like the signal meter on the Channel Master or the Homeworx tuners. They use signal quality which may or may not be accurate. They use the same software.

At any rate, as you say, if I have a marginal signal that low noise Kitz preamp could help.

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