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LNA 200. Let's get this thread going again!

Originally Posted by Pete Higgins View Post
ADTech & All,

For what itís worth, I bought one of the Winegard LNA-200ís from Solid Signal for $32.99 + $5.95 shipping with promo code AMP25 Ėjust to try. It is scheduled to be delivered on Wednesday August 4th.

I have a -13.4 dBm FM signal and a -15.6 dBm TV signal both of which overload my Winegard AP-2870 and HDP-269.

Thanks to ADTech, I also have 4 of the RCA TVPRAMP1R amplifiers that donít show any signs of overload and work better than anything else Iíve tried.

When I get the new LNA-200, Iíll substitute it for one of the RCAís to see if it overloads at my location. Provided it isnít 100 deg. out Iíll try to run a comparison test to see if it improves my SNRís.


Congratulations. Does your boss expect the community to chip in for the new equipment?
Hi all, I was just wondering whatever happened with this thread?, It just seemed to die off. AD Tech offered some real world testing results and his opinion, which we value here.

Pete Higgins is a enthusiast, and I know he must have done the testing that he was planning to do. I'm just wondering how it turned out?

Also, has anybody else to used this Winegard LNA 200 ?

I am presently using a LNA 200, but plan to do some testing. I want to get a Kitz Tech pre-amp and see if it will add to my signal strength, what I read it would be helpful addition to my set up I am working on right now.
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