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I presume the ingress issue could be dealt with by enclosing the mast head unit in an RF tight enclosure. That would add $10 to $20 worth of hardware though.

Given the pleasantly positive review of the RCA preamp, It's hard to justify starting with an amplifier that costs more and lacks the separate UHF/VHF inputs.
Instead of a metal box, I have found that wrapping a module with metal foil tape was inexpensive shielded more effectively. This was deep inside some old computer equipment with strong digital interference. Some tape is made with conductive adhesive, but that's really not necessary as long as the tape is one continuous piece, overlapped where necessary. My tape was 2" wide copper, but wider or narrower would do. I soldered it to the module's ground pin directly. On a mast, the tape could be extended to the cable's coax shield with a large overlap. Capacitive coupling dominates at high frequencies.
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