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ADTech & All,

For what itís worth, I bought one of the Winegard LNA-200ís from Solid Signal for $32.99 + $5.95 shipping with promo code AMP25 Ėjust to try. It is scheduled to be delivered on Wednesday August 4th.

I have a -13.4 dBm FM signal and a -15.6 dBm TV signal both of which overload my Winegard AP-2870 and HDP-269.

Thanks to ADTech, I also have 4 of the RCA TVPRAMP1R amplifiers that donít show any signs of overload and work better than anything else Iíve tried.

When I get the new LNA-200, Iíll substitute it for one of the RCAís to see if it overloads at my location. Provided it isnít 100 deg. out Iíll try to run a comparison test to see if it improves my SNRís.


Congratulations. Does your boss expect the community to chip in for the new equipment?
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