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2 things I would try;

1st try just one 4 bay panel connected and aimed due east, 90 degrees, no preamp. Splitting the difference between your towers.

2nd try both panels aimed east, at most only 5 or 10 degrees apart from each other, no preamp. Again splitting the difference between the towers.

I think you have 2 issues here, one is overload from the close towers, you have 3 with a NM greater than 60db. The second is multipath from the 2 panels aimed in different directions.

An 8 bay is more directional than a 4 bay, I'm thinking that with the 60 degree beam width of a 4 bay and splitting the difference in directions you should be able to pull in a better spread of channels.

Of course there's no accounting for the trees and since they are pine they will be in the way year round.

Edit, I also noticed you also have a distribution amp so you are doubling up the signal of really strong close towers.

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