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Question Focus 8 Bay not impressed yet....

Picked this up last weekend to replace an aging setup. Yagi with missing elements and a rotor that has seen better days. Left over from the previous owner. This was on a roof tripod replace by a J-Pole on the roof peak.

I'm at Hwy 6 & Hwy 403 (Hamilton area), Toronto is pretty much a clear shot, one bay is pointed that way, the other is swung south for Buffalo.

CM 7777 mast mounted. I think this is what made my previous setup continue to work until I lost another two elements with the wind and there goes three channels.

50 feet RG6 to a Motorola distribution amp, 3 TV's from there with a CM-3213 splitter.

First scan done, here is the shocker. CHCH-TV would not come in. I can see the tower from my place. CBC (5) nothing. CITY (57) nothing.
17, 23, 35,36, audio on 43, and that's it.

Swung the panels together, pointing towards Toronto. 57 pops in and out, same with 5.

I was a little stunned by the lackluster performance but thought of only one thing that might be a variable - overload? Disconnected the 7777 and directly connected the antenna to home. Even worse performance.

Something is really wrong...if this is the "fresh out of the box brand new antenna" performance then it's going back.

Anyone tried one of these? For all I know it could just be a bad connection in one of the baluns or something. Cable tests ok on both panels. Very odd.
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