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75 Ohm Terminators and their usage

This might sound like a strange question, but I will ask it anyways. I have a question about 75 Ohm terminators and their purpose. Now, I realize they are commonly used to terminate unused ports on a splitter, or perhaps even unused coax outlets inside a home.

However, I was looking in my outside cable junction box the other day and got to thinking about the following question. If I have unused coax connections that are no longer physically connected to anything (no longer connected to the cable company's main lead coax line and not connected to splitters or anything else in the junction box - nor any receivers inside). Basically, just lines hanging there inside the cable junction box outside. Does it make any sense to place terminators on these unused coax lines in this scenario?

In other words, does it serve any purpose when the coax lines, in question, are not physically connected to anything (inside or out)? I was thinking (particularly inside a junction box) that terminators might help offer protection (over long periods of time) from things like moisture creeping inside the unused coax lines.

Having said all this, if I were to use any of these terminators at the outside junction box, I obviously would have to buy an additional female end since my unused (and unhooked) coax lines in my junction box have male ends, just like the terminators themselves. But these little accessories are very cheap to buy online.

Thanks for any feedback.

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