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First, I would say that all the alternatives have kept the price of cable/satellite in check. Second, I second the idea that switching from cable to OTT is not really cable cutting -- especially if your cable provider is also your ISP. Most important, broadcast television is 100% free and provides more content than ever before. Most cord cutters I know have replaced their internet service with a cell phone and their television service with an antenna. I am probably headed that way myself.

If you are going to have an ISP and subscribe to a premium service, consider Amazon's Recast. This DVR coupled with a Fire TV stick puts all of your OTA in a nice grid. Need to pay for an ISP, but Amazon charges nothing for their service. Add Pluto to your stick and the Pluto guide integrates nicely with the Recast guide adding a lot of movies and interesting programs. If you need more, Philo integrates as well providing three concurrent streams of cable minus sports, news, and premium channels for $20/month. Need it all? Vue also integrates.

The bottom line is that cord cutting, trimming, or shifting is alive and well for those who know what they are doing. Barb Gonzalez needs to work a little harder. No value in that post.
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