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Antenna Upgrade, Advice on Reception


Although I have been using TVFool since 2007. This would be the first time that I post something.

I need to upgrade or change my antenna due to several failures over the last months; basically I'm losing channels receptions. I know that it is my antenna because over the years I had to make small repairs (Antenna is install on roof exposed to weather conditions and birds). And also I know that my current antenna is a medium-low quality.

I used to get 20 HD channels and after 3 years it was 14 and now I'm down to 9 channels and starting to fail. I made testing with another antenna (powered antenna) and manage to get again my 14 channels plus others.

I'm planning to change my current antenna to a Winegard HD7698P.

My current antenna is a 19 elements, it gets FM, VHF and UHF (Analog and HD). It manage to get the ABC and CBS signals which are about 30 miles from my home (further stations that I have) and I think it is Omni-directional. In the last years I had to use an amplifier to get a good signal.

And I plan to purchase the Winegard HD7698P antenna (I believe that it is only a Directional Antenna)

My TV Fool report is as follow (although it shows a few channels, in reality I get more channels that are not listed)

Would the Winegard HD7698P antenna help me on the reception?
I'm really interested on getting the CBS and ABC which are on HI VHF and the channels that are on the Azimuth True 341 degrees on report (NBC, KUSI, FOX, Etc). They were on the original 20 channels.

Would I need 2 antennas (one for HI-VHF and Other for UHF)?

Can I combine the 2 antennas into one Coaxial Cable?

Any advice would be grateful.

Thank you.
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