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Originally Posted by dalis View Post
Really liking the idea and having fun playing with OTA. Not sure if I'm posting in the right forum but I have a problem with the television.

Made a simple antenna with two wires and just wanted to see what channels I could get. Indoor and scanning two tvs I was able to pick up 13 channels, if I held the antenna near the window.

Our shower has a waterproof TV from China. It has PAL and NTSC and my settings are correct for north america. I can scan with cable company and picks up channels but with my homemade antenna I get nothing. The tv when it scans it scans mhz from approx 100-900mhz and then stores the channels in the presets.

My question is what kind of tv do I have? Will it ever work with OTA? Is it just my homemade antenna not letting me pickup channels. Do I need a combo vhf/uhf antenna? Thanks in advance
If it scans cable channels, then it should not scan OTA channels, and vice-versa. There should be a menu setting somewhere that switches from ATSC (digital OTA) encoding to QAM (cable) encoding. NTSC won't work anymore - there is almost nothing in the air that is NTSC encoded (and what little is left is required to be gone by 2015). Set to cable mode, you should get nothing from an antenna.

You'd probably be better off posting in the "Help with Reception" forum here. That's more on topic for you and is much more active than this forum.

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