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Question Yagi Frankentenna question.

Hate to ask what is probably a redundant question. However I didnt find an answer in my searches.

I have seen some discussion where have bought 2 91X style antenna's and added the middle of the second to the first for extra gain.

So I currently have 2 radios shack antenna's. VU-190 XR and a VU-120 XR.

My thought was to cannibalize the 120 and add its yagi components to the 190.
I could sleeve the yagi component by using the center connector.
Then fabricate sleeves to increase the size of the corner reflector.

It would be a net gain of 33 inches of antenna and 24 inches of reflector.
On the reflector I would have to switch out two of the elements on each portion of the reflector to maintain the position pattern found on the 190.

Would this be a go or no go?

Thanks guys.
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