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Cool Free Antenna tv not going away, just PBS

Sorry about that previous blanket statement about "free tv going away" ... I misspoke. What I meant to speak about was the free PBS channels going away because most of their funding comes from the federal government. And with them looking to make budget cuts, this is seen as an unnecessary expense.

Unfortunately, the PBS channels I receive amount to nearly half of what I can pick-up over-the-air (ota) for free. That's a serious dent in my viewing pleasure and as far as I'm concerned, it's the only tv that's worth watching. It's intelligent, unbiased, historical and factual, great knowledge base, + all that and commercial/advertisement free - - - free of lies. And in my opinion, there's no better television on the planet. I can receive 9 channels of wonderful ad-free PBS - that's alot of quality tv.

If they cancel anything it should be the other lie-filled garbage channels. All commercials are essentially lies designed to get in your pocket, most of which are empty these days ... depressed economy and all.

Wow, sorry about that long-winded rant. But then again, no one's listening anyhow. Look how long it took to get a reply to my previous message.

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