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Originally Posted by rabbit73 View Post
That sounds like intermittent electrical interference. The antenna must be near the source.
Yes. I tried to get it as far away from the air handler as possible but it is about 4' away. I actually had tried moving it from it's original location but did not see any real improvement. If I raise it higher I could get it 6' or more away from the air handler. My only concern and why I didn't mount it higher was the narrowing of that wall due to the pitch of the roof.

Originally Posted by rabbit73 View Post
It's difficult to predict. If there is no metal in front of the antenna to block the signal, it might improve the reception.
It's definitely worth a try as raising it higher will clear that duct as well as get it farther from the air handler. I will give is a shot this weekend and let you know how it goes.

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