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Originally Posted by rickbb View Post
I had the same preamp, my whole OTA is new, just installed it all this week, it worked for great for about 4 to 5 hours. Then the same thing happened, no UHF at all, just the one VHF. (Which oddly I was not getting at all with the preamp.)

When I removed the preamp completely, all the channels came back including the VHF channel. I actually got more without the preamp.

I'm guessing it's the preamp, if the balun was broken you wouldn't be getting VHF, IMHO.

I'd be hesitant to try another RCA, that's 2 with the same exact symptoms. Doesn't mean much other than a coincidence, but still.

You can get a CM7778 or CM7777 on Amazon, more pricey than the RCA, but maybe there is something going on with the RCA's?
Two separate antennas, db8 for uhf with rotor... y10713 mounted directly to the mast. I'm out on the fringe of reception and get no uhf without the amp.
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