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I had the same preamp, my whole OTA is new, just installed it all this week, it worked for great for about 4 to 5 hours. Then the same thing happened, no UHF at all, just the one VHF. (Which oddly I was not getting at all with the preamp.)

When I removed the preamp completely, all the channels came back including the VHF channel. I actually got more without the preamp.

I'm guessing it's the preamp, if the balun was broken you wouldn't be getting VHF, IMHO.

I'd be hesitant to try another RCA, that's 2 with the same exact symptoms. Doesn't mean much other than a coincidence, but still.

You can get a CM7778 or CM7777 on Amazon, more pricey than the RCA, but maybe there is something going on with the RCA's?
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