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Greeting Kiasis,

An interesting but doable plot. You're biggest disappointment will probably lie in the 480i (non-HD) feed of KNVN NBC via translator K42HL-D. CBS, FOX, PBS and ABC should be achievable in HD.

I suggest a outdoor mounted 2 antenna system with an open unobstructed view. First antenna I'd purchase would be an Antennas Direct DB8e. Mount @ 30' and orientate to heading 328. Expect KCVU FOX, KHSL CBS, KIXE PBS, K42HL-D (CW and NBC) along with a smattering of religious and Hispanic programming. For KRCR ABC, you'll need high-VHF support. Recommend Antennacraft Y10713. Orientate to magnetic heading 311.

You'll need to combine these two antennas. This can be accomplished by a mast mounted preamp or signal combiner. The one that best fits your situation will depend on length of coax, how many TVs you want to serve etc. How many TVs do you intend to serve?

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