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Very Helpful info!

Thank you both for your help.

John, I do like the darth-vader-meets-bird CM3010, but hubby really doesn't want to do an exterior mount. We live in the frozen trundra, and there is a lot of wind and snow and ice up there. Weather is hard on everything here...

Good news is I have no sense of direction. Got out the floor plans and see now the north leg of this angled house is all attic. No need for signals to traverse the great room with antenna facing north northeast. Bad news is there is a birch tree on that side. Do you think it would be better to place an attic antenna lower and away from the birch LOS interference or higher but with the birch between it and north-northeast? I suspect it is a trial and error sort of thing.

Or despite the snow, etc should I lobby for the exterior CM3010? I really can see it mounted to 'fly' above the chimney wing of the house. Perfect unobstructed LOS there and easy feed to AV wall. If I went that route I'd need an installer. Any tips on finding one - I am in the Milwaukee area.
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