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Originally Posted by ERINLAINE View Post
I recently bought a Channel Master Ultra Mini 4. It's a signal amplifier and 4 port splitter. If I have 3 TVs hooked up to this splitter, but only one powered on at a time, am I getting signal loss from the TVs turned off? Any signal loss from the unused port? Thanks.

The signals at each of the four outputs will be approx 8 dB stronger than when they entered the distribution amp, whether a TV is off or on.

If one of the output ports isn't being used, there might be a slight unbalance as there is with a 4-way passive splitter. Putting a 75 ohm termination resistor on the unused port will restore balance, but it isn't critical.

That is why good satellite splitters come with a termination resistor for each port.

If you have a 3-way split with one run much longer, this is an efficient way to do it:

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