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Originally Posted by Mike4565 View Post
You're correct about writing at the same time...sorry - and thanks for the great information.

One follow-up question/confirmation: If I use insulated wire, would it be OK if it was in contact with some existing metal object, such as an electrical conduit? I ask because a good place to run the ground wire would include a roughly ten-foot segment where it would have to be side-by-side with a horizontal conduit.

I can't think of any reason not to place insulated wire against pipe or conduit. (I would caution against placing the mast or coax bonding conductor inside metal conduit though. The metal conduit will act as an inductive choke to RF making a lighting induced surge more likely to 'seek' a lower resistance path to ground. In cases where you need the protection of metal conduit, bond the conduit and bonding conductor at both end of the conduit.)
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