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Since posting my original query above I've done more research and would like to narrow the focus of my questions...

1. Should I disconnect the existing ground wire from antenna mast to 8' grounding rod below, and instead install a new ground wire to the GES on the opposite side of the house (and a new ground wire from the coax grounding block to the GES)?

2. There is an intersystem grounding block at the GES - should both a new antenna ground wire, and separate coax ground wire, be attached to this block?

3. A big issue I've not found any good solution for, or even referenced in any post here, is the length of run of the new ground wire (about 125'), which will necessitate either one or more splices of shorter lengths of #6 ground wire, or purchasing a roll or wire much longer than I need, at a much greater cost. Yet as best as I can tell, splicing ground wire must only be done with irreversible methods, which appear to have a high cost of their own. Are there any other options?

4. Also best as I can tell, ground wire can be stapled to the wood siding on my house, or (preferred, under the eaves), using common NM staples that do not have to be insulated. Correct?

5. Finally, it seems only common sense, but the ground wire must not make contact with any metal between the mast and GES - including metal gutters, conduit, vents, etc - correct?


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