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Grounding questions

I have some questions about how best to ground my system. GroundUrMast, I've read some of the excellent posts you've referred other users to study.

Our roof-mounted antenna is on a mast on the WEST side of the house. It presently is grounded with #10 copper wire to an 8-foot rod directly below, but not to the service ground - which is on the EAST side of the house. The coax from the antenna enters the house at the SOUTHEAST corner. For various reasons, there are limited options for connecting the existing antenna grounding rod with the service rod.

I could drape #6 wire across the roof (single story house) from the antenna to the service rod on the opposite side. The roof is metal, however, and there would be no practical way to secure the grounding wire to the roof. This inelegant solution would provide the shortest path.

Or, I could route #6 grounding wire around the house under the eaves - this would entail a number of larger-radius 90-deg turns, and would be a much longer run, but I tend to prefer this option. Instead of running the wire out of sight under the eaves I could attach the wire to the side of the house a short distance above ground level, but it would be very visible, which I don't prefer.

1. Either way, should I connect this new line to the existing grounding clamp on the mast, a separate clamp on the mast, or to the top of the existing rod (not preferred, because the grounding rod is poorly accessible)?

2. Should I attach the new line to the house along its journey using regular NM staples, or something else? Does it matter if they are plastic or metal?

3. When it eventually gets to the service rod, should it attach directly to rod, or can it be clamped to some portion of the existing service ground wire that already is exposed?

4. Do I have to be careful that the new grounding wire does not contact any metal along the way, such as existing electrical conduit, fencing, or the like?

Thanks so much...

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