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Originally Posted by rabbit73 View Post
Thanks for the report. Looks like this will not be an easy fix.
Keep increasing the attenuation at the output of the modulator until just before the analog channels start to show snow. Then connect the OTA channels to the combiner.
I had a long response all typed out and this forum timed out, so i lost it all!
SO this response will be very short because its late.

yes i tried this with 37db attenuation. Modulator channels were snowy but this didn't help. I am trying to get CITY TV, channel 44, 653 MHz. Without the modulator it comes in. I even get Fox and ABC but not CITY-TV with the modulator connected.

Originally Posted by rabbit73 View Post
I'm a little confused by your diagram; it only shows one TV. Is the OTA antenna only for the 2nd TV, or for both TVs?

Is the modulator output just for the 2nd TV, or both TVs?
yes the clearstream 4V attic antenna is just for the bedroom tv. The modulator output is split into two. One feeds the whole house through a dist amp, and the other is attenuated and then combined with the LTE filtered antenna signal to the bedroom tv.

The output of the two goes to the bedroom tv and is independent of all other tv's in the house.
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