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Originally Posted by newmguy View Post
finally got the LTE filter after almost a month. Installed it and the 20db attenuator as per post #8 above.

There is absolutely no difference.
Thanks for the report. Looks like this will not be an easy fix.

Did you try what I suggested on the Canadian forum?

Try connecting just the modulator to the TV through the combiner without the OTA signals and increase the attenuation. The goal is to make the modulator signals look good on the TV before adding the OTA signals.
Keep increasing the attenuation at the output of the modulator until just before the analog channels start to show snow. Then connect the OTA channels to the combiner.

If that doesn't work, you will need to do what you don't want to do: run another coax line.

I'm a little confused by your diagram; it only shows one TV. Is the OTA antenna only for the 2nd TV, or for both TVs?

Is the modulator output just for the 2nd TV, or both TVs?
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