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EDIT: the modulator does work on VHF but only on channels 70 -94, 100-125.
Those would be UHF frequencies of 500-650 MHz and 650-800 MHz respectively. They're not VHF. Here's a chart that translates CATV channels to frequencies:

I don't think that either the LPF or the NF will do the needed job. UHF channels 60-64 are far enough removed from UHF channels 43-49 that the modulated analog signals, if clean, shouldn't interfere with the OTA signals.

My recommendation would be to 1) move the analog to 65-69 and then, if necessary, 2) install a HIGH pass filter (~750 MHz) on the modulator's output to suppress the frequencies below that output prior to combining. Unfortunately, that would likely be a custom device. I would still use the suggested attenuation to cool off the whole signal from the modulator.
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