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Thanks for your response.

Originally Posted by ADTech View Post
FWIW, those two local stations will be leaving those operating channels sometime in the next year or two as a result of the repack.
yes I am aware of this but here in Canada things seem to take longer than anywhere else.

Originally Posted by ADTech View Post
Are you sure that your RF modulator can do VHF?
yes in the past I have used cable TV mode on the modulator. So I was thinking of trying to set the channel outputs to the VHF low channels (like 2, 4, 6)
because I have super strong channels on 8 & 10 (10 will be moving to 9 in the near future)

I can try this and post my results.

EDIT: the modulator does work on VHF but only on channels 70 -94, 100-125.

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