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Originally Posted by Nascarken View Post
So true on that DB8,and way over priced to
The antennas Direct 91xg is the best ANTENNA for uhf cents that is what it is for And the solied SIGNAL Hdb91 that has a beem with pattern of 60,is all so a good Uhf only antenna and when using an mast mount amp like the channel master 7777 Amp with its 32BG in mass or CT state you should be able to receive BROADCASTING TOWER 80miles away day or night time in good or bad weather conditions.

And with the HDB91,with its 60with Beem if pointed right no rotor should be used??
The 91XG has a relatively narrow beam compared to the DB8. When I had a DB8, I was able to receive VHF as low as real channel 11. You can also take off the reflectors if you have strong signals in front and in back -- almost omnidirectional reception.

But it is a sail. No doubt about that. At least it is inarticulate so, it will bounce back and I never noticed much impact on reception when it was dancing. Besides the high vhf reception, I loved that the DB8 was great when the trees were moving around...I suppose due to the large collection area.
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