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Many, if not most, HOA's have not updated their verbiage since their inception.
Doing so would be expensive and in most cases, require a vote of the homeowners.

Most newer HOA's do not include language such as:
"Antennas, Other Devices. Towers, antennae, or other apparatus for the transmission or reception of television, radio, satellite or other signals shall not be installed or mounted without the prior written consent of the DRC." As ADtech stated, it is prohibited.

Unless you plan some outrageous array, I would go ahead with your antenna system. Keep it as small as possible and inconspicuous, if possible. Before you decide on a
location, be sure to check to see if that location provides all the stations you want. Sometimes, movement up or down, a few feet in any direction, can make all the difference. Once you get the system installed, be sure to tell a few neighbors about all the channels you are getting and all the money you are saving. I'll bet you see a few more antennas in a very short time.
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