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HOA Covenant

We have been in our new home for over a year now and I am finally ready to move the antenna from the ground mounted DTV mast to the roof. Since we have an HOA, I have been reading the covenants to see what I need to do. Can someone help me translate the following (specifically the part in red):
Antennas, Other Devices. Towers, antennae, or other apparatus for the transmission or reception of television, radio, satellite or other signals shall not be installed or mounted without the prior written consent of the DRC.

However, consistent with rules and regulation mandated by the Federal Communications Commission the foregoing does not prohibit
(i) antennas for the reception of television broadcast signals which do not extend more than then (10) feet above the top roof ridge (although internal antennas are strongly recommended by the Association) and (ii) direct broadcast satellite receiving discs or dishes no larger than one (1) meter in diameter provided that such over-the-air reception devices are installed or mounted in compliance with all conditions established by the DRC pertaining to the location, screening and manner of installation of such devices and provided that such conditions do not cause unreasonable cost or delay and do not preclude reception of an acceptable quality signal. In no event shall free –standing transmission or receiving towers which support satellite dishes larger than one (1) meter in diameter or non-standard television antennae be permitted within the Property.
Do I need to submit paperwork to have the antenna installed? I have the form in hand I have to do all kinds of crap like provide an official survey that shows the install location, etc. Also, it states to allow 45 days for review/decision. If I meet the guidelines outlined and the Feds say that they can't interfere, why would I need to submit something for review? I can certainly tell you that nobody submits anything to install a DTV dish.

I want to get this installed next week. I see a war coming. What do you guys think?

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