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So, you finally hit pay dirt, wado66! Fantastic!

I'm just taking a guess, but those sales reps and Samsung Tech you spoke with may not have been clear about what you were really asking about. I'm thinking they thought you meant a dedicated channel guide imbedded within the software of the TV, much like you get when you have cable or satellite receiver/box.

I could be wrong about this since I'm not a TV Tech or anything near that like rabbit73, JoeAZ, AdTech, and others too numerous to mention on this site; but I think most TVs as mentioned on this thread obviously can channel scan and download a TV guide from the various towers in ones local. So, the guide comes from each station and your TV displays it on your screen. How this actually works would be better stated by those Techs I just mentioned and I will respectfully defer to them for a clear and simple answer.

Also, I noticed on my newest (2017) Samsung tuner that it seemed a bit more sensitive than my earlier (2013) model. Since Samsung keeps their Specs under lock and key, there is no way to find out these technical issues when one goes TV shopping, especially for OTA reception. But since you're receiving more channels with your new Samsung over the Vizio, it would lead me to believe that Samsung continues to support good OTA tuners. At least, that has been my subjective experience. Again, I'll defer to our Techs here on TVFool to better explain.

Anyway, glad you're getting good reception and using that TV Guide to your enjoyment!
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