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RCA ANT800 Panel Antenna

Kind of a weird way of doing things but I put a wireless webcam in front of the TV with the signal menu displayed, up onto the roof with my cellphone to view the screen.
Indeed it would seem the panel should not be positioned like a plate (up & down), rather pointed in the direction of the broadcast origin as suggested (Thanks!!)

From my report, I needed something with a wide beamwidth to capture two regions.

I had tried a multibay adjustable antenna, one panel facing towards Toronto and the other facing towards Buffalo. While it did work, the antenna would often have a channel present one day and then the next it would no longer exist. We do have a very powerful antenna (CHCH and another one) which is line of site, visible from my roof, which I feel may be causing distortion, so the wide angel panel with a less aggressive gain seemed more feasible. At this point I have it situated more towards the north point towards Toronto, trying to gauge how it performs before I swing it south a bit to start picking up the US stations. When I hit that sweet spot, if any, I will report my findings.
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