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What VHF Low antenna do you recommend?
There aren't any VHF low antennas on the market any longer so your choices are very limited. We liquidated our remaining inventory of the V4 antenna a while back, I think these guys might still have them: The V4 is a cut-to-channel 4 Yagi and is effective for channels 2, 3, & 4. Not so much on 5 and poorly on 6 and FM. If you needed 5 or 6 or FM, I think our old 3FM antenna (which we also liquidated inventory of) can still be found on Amazon.

If you do add in a low-band VHF antenna, you'll still need to score an HLSJ in order to readily combine it with the rest of your setup and they're getting very scarce. I did find a listing on ebay, do a search for "CABLETRONIX HLSJ". I've not tested that particular one, but it should work based on the manufacturer's spec sheet.

I have a Antennas Direct High VHF antenna and it picks up real channel 3
If you have the C5, it's tuned very precisely for high-VHF channels 7-13 and does a remarkable job of rejecting low-VHF and FM frequencies (it is supposed to do that by design), probably in the order of -15 to -20 dB or so on channel 3.

If you have a suitable length of 2-conductor heavy electrical wire 12-14 ga, insulated or not) and a common matching transformer (, you can easily fabricate a simple dipole without trying to find twin-lead. Use two 4'3" sections of wire attached to a simple frame of wood or PVC with a 1-2" gap between them and attach each leg of the transformer to the inside ends of the gap with a simple sheet metal screws. Aim it broadside in the direction of WBRA, then adjust for best results.
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