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First choice: compression; most waterproof, but you must get the right size for YOUR RG6
Second choice: crimp, hex shape; it's what I use
Third choice: twist on; forget it, it falls off

Test the coax with your ohmmeter for shorts between center conductor and shield, with nothing else connected to it

Test the shield for continuity

Test the center conductor for continuity

If the ohmmeter leads can't reach both ends, short the far end and check for continuity at the near end (round trip)

The 50 ohm CB SWR bridge will not be useful for your 75 ohm OTA RG6 coax

Don't bend the coax into too small a radius; the center conductor can migrate through the foam dielectric and short to the shield.

Don't over tighten the connector; you can break the female jack off its circuit board.
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