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OTA stuttering on Sony TV - Only some shows

I live in MA where NBC just switched from WHDH to NBC Boston as of Jan 1st. It is being broadcast over 3 different towers and the one I can get is WMFP (a mirror of WBTS) UHF 18 Virtual 60-5.

This channel works fine on 3 of the 4 TV's in my house which are 1080p. However, with my oldest tv, a 720P Sony kdl-32l4000, I see a lot of stuttering. It does not seem to be a reception issue, it's more of a lag like the video slows down and then quickly tries to catch up. Similar to watching an HD movie on an old pc that is not powerful enough. This happens every few seconds. The odd thing is it does not happen with every show, just some shows and commercials while others are fine

I tried to make sure all image processing options were turned off such as "cinemotion" and such but that did not help. Is there a chance the station is broadcasting some shows in 1080p and my 720p is just lagging trying to downscale?

I can sometimes get another NBC station (WJAR) and when I flip to this one the same show will display just fine. It's only the NBC Boston station that I have this issue with.

I have seen a few others having a similar issue when google-ing but no real steps to solve it. Any help is appreciated. Hoping it's not time for this TV to be retired.
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