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Originally Posted by atlantis43 View Post
I need a little info before I can post my questions. The main one is as follows:
With the new HDTV channels, are channels such as 2-1 or 66-1 UHF or VHF?
Is there any way to identify which are which?
The number that we see, is called the "Virtual" channel.

The number of the channel that we need to be concerned with, is called the "Real" or "Physical" Channel.
This means that something that's advertised as being on 68.1, may actually be transmitted on "Real" channel 5.

These will both be listed, when you run and post your TVF Report.

VHF LO = 2-6, VHF HI = 7-13, UHF = 14-51.

In effect, the channel numbers have no more meaning, that if you were to use peel off stickers, for ID.

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