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Co-channel interference

Hi, new to OTA, please excuse me if this is a dumb question. Iíve got a Channel Master 2018 temporarily sitting in a 2nd story bedroom. Pointed 39 degrees magnetic. From there I have a 10 foot section of RG6 going into a Tablo Dual Lite. The tablo is on my WiFi. Doing this as a test, Iíll later install the antenna in my attic, running the coax into a second story bedroom into the Tablo. Donít want to do a roof mount of the antenna.

Hereís my radar map plot:

I get ABC, NBC now and some other channels. Iíd like to get WFSB, but canít. Report shows co-channel interference. Iím not sure, but maybe the interference is with WTIC, I donít need WTIC. Is there a way to cure the co-channel interference issue? Thank you!
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