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Originally Posted by ADTech View Post
The OP never even returned to the site to look and see if there were any additional answers after the first day.

Typical "post one question and then flake out" new poster.
Yes- I am familiar with eBay and the Sold Listings
that's the 9500, but with "Digipure" (whatever THAT is) as mine has
and this one, and older less desirable sold for 107.
They surely do sell, and very well. People DO pay for these old things.
I know you are intent on proving the VCR is worthless lol- I personally don't care- as I said, paid 7 whole dollars for it, and it is like new with the store's stickers on it- that is not a listing, lol as I am not listing it for sale and despise eBay with a passion, and am not a flipper. The whole re-seller mentality I find repugnant anyway. I find it interesting that people would pay that much for it, then again I just watched an online auction for a '95 VW Euro- style van sell for over 23k at auction(!!!) so, maybe people just want a particular item and will pay whatever it takes to get it.

The Curtis Mathes TV there are collectors out there, I got it for a whole dollar at Goodwill- and it is in perfect cond., and I've been using it for 2 yrs every day. Picture is great, better than the SD on the digital, but again the SD picture on any HDTV is crap.
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