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Where is electric service and electric service ground rod for house located , on the garage side of the house or on the vaulted ceiling side of the house??

In my mind I see , no attic to run the coax and ground wire through , so the coax and the ground wire from the antenna will be wrapped -> all the way around <- from the -> opposite <- outside of the house to get to where the coax goes into the house. In my mind I also see electric power and ground rod on the garage side of the house. So the antenna is on one end and everything else that has to do with the antenna on the other end.
If this is the way it has to be well thats the way it has to be. Would not be my first choice. May be my minds eye is not seeing the situation correctly.

Send me a PM Private Message of your exact address and I can be a lot more help. Where is electric service and service ground located at the house??

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