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Virtual channels 27.1 and 27.2 are on real channel 29, which is WUNI. The strength of WUNI is not the same for all locations in your zip code, and you have refused to give a report for your exact location so I really don't know how strong it really is for you.

Center of town -60.8 dBm
A -61.4 dBm, but WCRN is stronger at -49.0 dBm because it is only 11.6 miles away
B -57.0 dBm
C -71.1 dBm, but WPXQ is stronger at -59.9 dBm
D -63.8 dBm, but WCRN is stronger at -51.7 dBm

ChannelPlus NF-471: Notch Filter
Removes CATV channels 75-80 and UHF channels 24-29
Notch filter frequency 529.25 MHz to 559.25 MHz
24 530-536 MHz
25 536-542
26 542-548
27 548-554
28 554-560
29 560-566

Custom single channel bandstop filter for channel 29 from Tin Lee Electronics:

Jan Jenca

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