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two Antennas / DVR

I have a CM 5020 mounted in my attic with a rotor and a CM7778 amp. My problem is before I cut the cable need to solve a problem. We mostly watch recorded shows all of which are on broadcast TV. I am thinking about CM DVR PLUS but need to record on two channels that I can not pickup at the same time. I have experimented with this with cheap antennas that were given to me and know I can do this. I am picking up mutiple 3 NBC,3 FOX,2 ABC,2 CBS,2 PBS,1 CW,1 MYN and 2 ION when pointed in various direction but have not been able to pickup cominations I need in any one direction. I like the fact that I am lucky enough to get so many channels and would not mind picking up more cause a lot of secondary channels air different programs.

With right conditions I have picked up 18.1 77 miles away and have no problems with getting 21.1 and 13.1 if pointed in that direction.
Question 1
Will DVR get program info from more than one broadcast station so that I can record from two different location or does it record simple by channel and time.
Thinking about roof mounting and buying Windguard 8200U,another CM5020,or maybe HD stacker to combined with attic mounted CM5020. Which antenna would be best for my area .open to any other Antenna also. Wish they made omni that would pickup all these stations. Thanks you for any help Ican get.
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