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Well I haven't gotten a new antenna yet, but I did find and dig out an old Channel Master antenna I had lying in my scrap metal pile. Some of the longer elements are missing, some are bent up, and some of the locking tabs are missing and let other elements just flop around, but things are looking good.

I tried without a pre amp and wasn't seeing a lot, but after hooking up a Winegard LNA-200 pre amp things are looking hopeful. Last night I was getting over 50 channels, but most of them were around 55-60%. I'm getting some channels that don't even show on the TV Fool report. What is hopeful is right now I'm locking into channels at 206 with 95% signal strength this morning.

With the new hope, it gives me renewed energy to work on this. I'm assuming with the shape of this antenna a new one would yield better results, at least most likely. Is that correct?

Would a ChannelMaster 7777 or 7778 pre-amp be better than the Winegard LNA 200?

I had over 50 channels last night but a lot of those were probably just luck. I haven't tried checking all of them again this morning because I can't remember where the antenna was pointed for all of them and I'm kind of scared to move the antenna (Ha!).

I did throw up a CM rotor so scanning is pretty easy. It's kind of strange because last night it seemed the signals were coming in best when my CM rotor was showing exactly (or very close) to where TV Fool says. But this morning I'm 95% on channel 27 (Virtual 4.1) which is 206 degrees and I'm pointed at 129. Walking outside and looking at the antenna verifies that it is pointed toward Tulsa, which is 130 degrees. Does this mean the signal isn't meant to last?

Sorry I'm so full of questions, I'm just kind of excited.
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